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Awesome. So glad you're going to post regularly. I love knowing what's going on inside your head:). Xo


Amanda, I'm so glad I found my way here! Your new (?) logo is so sweet, and I am loving watching this adventure unfold! Also, I saw you at the Cap City Marathon, but by the time I realized it was you I would have tripped several runners to stop and say hello. You are regularly in my prayers, and you just keep on being your amazing, beautiful self! With lots of love, Leanne

Jeana Marie

I have such awesome cousins - love Krista's sign and your cupcakes look fantastic. Wishing you the best!

Krystle Jones

The carnival was fun. We were happy to contribute to the cause and show support for SCB's! I carried my half dozen box of cupcakes around enticing people and then directing them over to your table ;) ...so excited about the regular blogs! I'll be "tuning in" every week!


Ohhh...I like the idea of the "store on wheels", a la the food carts that are so hot right now in pdx. It would be nice not to have the rigors of storefront hours. Plus you could move to where the people are for big city-wide events. Airstream cupcake mobile?

Katrina W.

I love the cupcake truck idea. LOVE it!!

Marie Broten

Hi Amanda, my name is Marie Broten, and your brother told me your story, love you sign and business cards, and more so, love what you are doing! I work at a local caterer & cupcakes are a hit with brides. I would like to show your cupcakes to our marketing tem and possibly invite you to one of our Tastings. We are not doing any until September here in Olympia, very busy summer with Brides, but would still like to talk to you, get some of your cards, etc. I left you a VM, so please call me at the office! :) Good job at the carnival too. Warm Regards, Marie


Yeah, I like the idea of the cupcakery on wheels.
I just read somewhere that Olympia was thinking about loosening the restrictions on them too.
Will you deliver to me at work?


Patricia Van Lierop

The Cupcake Truck would be awesome, The Best idea, It's the IN thing, U R free to go to any Events to sell, a store front cost so much, to have an approved kitchen is such a hassel, the L&I concession truck is easier to get. Instant Success,no waiting, We love Your talents, such a Gift to make the Best Cupcakes With a Heart -Sweet Charley B's...Oh Yeah, U go Girl!

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