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Katrina W.

Love #1 - what wonderful things you could do with that building!

Olympia needs a fun bakery (cupcakery) like yours will be... really. We hang out there often with friends who live on Pine, and we've been known to drive to Mud Bay for a decent treat (when we don't bake ourselves).

My prayers are with you, and I'm looking for another excuse to order your cupcakes!


You've got it right Amanda...Location, location, location. It's all about location, for sure! #1 is my first choice!!I drive by it everyday, it's adorable. When I looked for the location for my shop...there were three things I wanted for my customers, parking (without having to drive around for 20 minutes or having to pay), easy access (in and out of the front doors and parking lot) and no stairs (like in building #2). Soo many things to think about. The buildings in the strip-mallish setting that have been vacant may have really high rent (which is always negotiable, remember that). Oh and look for similar shops in each location you're considering, I wanted mine away from others that are alike. Westside needs Sweet Charley B's!! Best of luck..it's gonna be amazing!!


Amanda you inspire me and I wish you all the success in the world. I agree that Sweet Charley B's would be ideal in your first choice. Wonderful location; I can almost picture it. Follow your dreams and talk to the owner.


The one with the subway does not have good parking. Its always full but it would be a good spot. The first spot is perfect to. I know you will find a wonderful area, I cannot wait!

jen s

You know I'll always vote #1. It's special and full of personality, just like you and Girl Charley.

I plan to do a little more sleuthing and see what the range for a right offer to that building owner might be. A huge plus is the 1940s gas station right next door. Such a fun funky building with amazing potential. :) Not to mention all the neighborhoods in walking distance without much to walk to except 2 Mile House and Jay's Fruit Stand.

You're amazing and on the right track. So proud of you!!!


Hands down…my favorite is #1! You would get so much business there. I noticed America’s Diner (the old Denny’s) by Highway 101 has gone out of business. Have you looked in to that? That would be an amazing location! <3

Nicki Eisfeldt

Amanda I have always loved the first location you picked! I drive by it all the time and think what great potential it has. If you were open on Sunday, think of all the Westwood folks who would take their kids to Sweet Charley B's after church!! Whatever location you eventually end up at it will be amazing...How could it not? :)


#1 gets my vote too. I look at it's potential ever since you first shared about this building in bible study. I can just see it being Sweet Charley B's.


Heather R

Parking would be my #1 concern. I avoid downtown Olympia like the plague because of parking, which is too bad since we have some neat places down there.


That children's consignment shop right next to Baskin Robbins on the west side just closed up shop. That would be a great spot.

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